The Library Sustainable Standard is a consumer facing sustainability & ethics certification for consumer products.

We are on a mission to establish trust among consumers, increase sustainability literacy by clearly identifying products that are safe for both the environment and the people who make them.

The Sustainable Standard promotes a circular economy (the waste to garment loop) ensuring that the life-cycle of products from creation to deconstruction -- return to the Earth as food instead of poison. Our expertise may be applied onto products, used for communication purposes, and supplement marketing efforts. Outcomes consist of (but are not limited to) products and collections that subscribe to circular economy, human-rights, waste reduction, closing the loop, recycling initiatives, low impact production, sustainably sourced fabrics, fair wages and ethical manufacturing processes.


Enrollment: Once brands or suppliers have submitted themselves and been approved to enroll with the Sustainable Standard™, they commit to a yearly program guided by our principals and work one on one with our team to design and execute collaborative projects or transition existing styles or categories with the aim to improve, innovate and upgrade your original design process to a sustainable circular process with environmental considerations into the manufacturing process. Enrollment lasts 12 months and during this time the Sustainable Standard™  is your go-to resource in implementation. The enrollment process is mandatory for consideration for the Sustainable Standard seal on products.

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