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The Library Helps Brands

Go beyond "greenwashing" and marketing pieces. Invest in the unavoidable future where ecological and human impact matters to consumers, and therefore brands’ bottom lines.

Stay ahead of the curve by building bridges between emerging new materials technology and consumer products.

  • Actionable, Solutions-Driven Methodology
  • Innovation and R & D
  • User & Consumer Research
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Communication Strategy and PR
  • Sustainable Manufacturing & Sourcing
  • Auditing and Design Thinking
  • Organizational Design and Internal Communication
  • Closing the Loop


We do extensive research and use data to collect and map findings that inform our design approach. Experts in sourcing sustainable material, we work with fabrics that have the least impact on the environment, and guide manufacturing processes that respect both the human life and the environment.

We aim to create products that are 100% eco-friendly, made sustainably and help reduce waste to create the new luxury: pieces that are made to last.


Because Status Quo in our beloved industry is simply not a viable solution - both financially (customers are looking for meaningful products) and environmentally (the industry was designed with profit only at the heart of it) - The Library’s model is a functional system and approach design to:

  • Audit, reprioritize and design a process that can be applied in your product development cycle and supply chain
  • Guide certifications and advance your sustainable efforts
  • Source cutting edge fabrics that are reducing waste, upcycling waste or plastic into new textiles, or lab-grown materials that are ready for production
  • Evangelize and create systemic change within your company
  • Close the loop from sourcing to manufacturing to end of life of a product
  • Design, develop and launch sustainable products
  • Market and reach the audience targeted
  • Highlight the meaning and the story of your brand and products


We pull together established practices across industries in a holistic approach to design challenges. From Design Thinking and human-centered design, to organizational challenges, to choosing the most applicable certification and verification partners, we work over all parts of the design and release process to make sustainable products that speak to today’s culture of growing awareness and concern for environmental and human rights concerns.

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