Iconic Designs

Iconic is something larger than life; something that has created a meaningful cultural shift in our collective human civilization. Pivotal moments in history that have changed how people think and act. Many of them are about female empowerment; the jumpsuit as women went to work during the 2nd world war, the miniskirt and the sexual revolution of the 1960s.


To make something live again. The future of sustainable fashion lives beyond the trend. Trends die the second they reach Instagram. We are curious to look into what survives beyond the trend, and see what has outlived the rollercoaster of taste to become a true staple.

Sustainable Materials

This simple word means many things to us. It means timeless, quality pieces that outlive the average of 7 wears before throwing away. It means looking deep into the supply chain to make sure that environment and the people working are considered as important and worth treating right. It means working in innovative ways, with new materials and ideas to make

To borrow a motto from our sister company Slow Factory, “Everything you make will return to the Earth as Food or as Poison”. We choose to not make poison.