Céline Semaan, CEO, Founder & Creative Director.

Founder of Slow Factory, she has pioneered new materials and has coined the term “fashion activism”, i.e. using fashion as a medium for social change. Her work has been seen on CNN, Forbes, The New York Times and Vogue. Her background is in user-experience design, information architecture and multi-media art. MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow, she focusses on new material and influencing customer culture.

Colin Vernon, CTO & Co-founder.

He has built and ran the Software team at littlebits Electronics, known for his astounding work on the CloudBit: democratizing the internet of things, he works at the intersection of tech, hardware and design. His latest position as VP Engineering of Medium has led him to focus on digital platforms, acquisition of software services, solidifying digital platforms to support massive growth.


Harper Reed

Head of Commerce at Braintree, CTO for Barack Obama's 2012 campaign

Clara Jeon

Co-founder, Chapter 2 Agency

Ken Loo

Co-founder, Chapter 2 Agency

Lilian Liu

Sustainability, Responsible Business & Manager of Partnerships at United Nations Global Compact

Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy, Founder of Global Fashion Exchange (GFX): global platform and consultancy promoting sustainability

Orsola de Castro

Founder and Creative Director, Fashion Revolution

Neri Oxman

Architect, Designer, and Professor at the MIT Media Lab, where she leads the Mediated Matter research group.

Ulli Barta

Directing executive leadership and strategy both inside and outside companies in fashion, arts, design and photography industries.

Heidi Rauch

Heidi is an entrepreneur devoted to ethical sourcing and closing loops along the supply chain and in production to help make the apparel sector more sustainable.

Dr. Amanda Parkes

MIT Media Lab

Solange Franklin

Stylist, Editor at Large Paper Magazine

Stacy London

Stylist, Author and Editor, co-host What Not to Wear

Joelle Firzli

Curator, Researcher, Fashion Consultant

Andrea Lauer

Founder, Risen Division and MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow

Leonardo Bonanni

Founder, Sourcemap, the supply chain mapping software company that helps manufacturers and brands trace products from raw materials to end consumers


MIT Media Lab

As an MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow, our founder Celine Semaan has a deep relationship with the broader MIT ML community.

Global Fashion Exchange

Common Objective


Fashion Revolution