Sustainable Standard™

The Library Sustainable Standard™ is a consumer facing sustainability & ethics certification for consumer products.

The Sustainable Standard promotes a circular economy (the waste to garment loop) ensuring that the life cycle of products from creation to deconstruction return to the Earth as food instead of poison™. Our expertise may be applied onto products, used for communication purposes, and supplement marketing efforts.

Sustainable Standard™ can be acheived for products that respect our two main principles:

Good for the Earth

Environmental Principles

+ Circular economy
+ Waste reduction
+ Sensible use of water
+ Closed loop
+ Low impact
+ New materials
+ Waste as a resource
+ Green energy
+ Recycling program
+ Upcycling initiatives

Good for the People

Human Rights Principles

+ Fair wage
+ Respectable and safe working environment
+ No corruption
+ Health, wellbeing and safety for all workers
+ Training and promotion initiatices
+ Equality & justice in the workplace

Sustainability is a Global Imperative

We are changing the world and inspiring people to do it with us.

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