Who Will Inherit the Earth?

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The Library


STUDY HALL Los Angeles

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The Library™

Imagine a place where we can find all the necessary resources, framework and methods to efficiently affect positive change within our industry to both empower farmers, weavers, artisans and makers of our clothes to be respected with dignity.

The Library is a sustainable initiative in collaboration with MIT Media Lab who's mission is to foster meaningful collaborations within the Fashion industry to gear its efforts towards a sustainable future.

Collaborations include:

  • Study Hall Conference partnerships
  • Product Collaborations
  • Advocacy & Campaigns partnerships

The Sustainable Standard™ can be acheived by collaborating with The Library.

Good for the Earth

Environmental Principles

+ Circular economy
+ Waste reduction
+ Sensible use of water
+ Closed loop
+ Low impact
+ New materials
+ Waste as a resource
+ Green energy
+ Recycling program
+ Upcycling initiatives

Good for the People

Human Rights Principles

+ Fair wage
+ Respectable and safe working environment
+ No corruption
+ Health, wellbeing and safety for all workers
+ Training and promotion initiatices
+ Equality & justice in the workplace

Sustainability is a Global Imperative

We are changing the world and inspiring people to do it with us.

Brands, Join Us